If you wish to join this wiki, there are a few rules you need to know before posting. Most are here to keep the wiki fair between users. For example, a common currency and dating system is used for convenience.


  1. Your empire cannot completely control more then five galaxies at the time it is posted. This is done for fairness. Your empire can be galaxy spanning hyperpower, though claiming it controls the entire universe is prohibited.
  2. Wars and collaborative stories must be agreed upon by both users. You cannot just declare war and then write that you completely conquered somebody's creation. Also, you cannot make your military so powerful that it could wipe out entire civilizations with a single starfighter.
  3. Don't say your creations have trillions of ships or quadrillions of soldiers. It will seem unrealistic.
  4. No belittling another's stories or creations!
  5. Fanfiction is fine, but original content is encouraged.
  6. No destroying another player's species after conquest without their permission!
  7. The common dating system is ME(Modern Era) and BME(Before Modern Era). An in-universe year will last about thirty real life days. For example, January 25th, 2017-February 25th, 2016, will be called 1 ME.
  8. No time travel or interdimensional travel. However, beyond that, intergalactic travel is encouraged. You can create a maximum of five galaxies anywhere in the universe.
  9. You can't suddenly say all your creations team up to attack someone without permission.
  10. Don't insult another contributor. If you have a dispute, settle in peacefully.

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