A Little Bit About UsEdit

This wiki is primarily a science fiction or fantasy wikia that allows users to create their own sci-fi stories. Users can create anything up to and including entire galaxies and empires, or if you wish to focus more inward, the chronicles of a single character. Themes can vary heavily, though science fiction(defined in this wiki as allowing interstellar travel) must be a part of it. This wiki is collaborative, though to interact with other user's creations, you must get their permission.


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The WikiEdit

This Wiki is devoted most of all to the enjoyment of its users. However, there are some rules. You can find more on the Rules section. The wiki has no unified theme outside of sci-fi, though time travel and interdimensional travel is not accepted. In addition, your creation cannot be overtly powerful. For example, it can't control a thousand galaxies or the entire universe. For more information, check the rules.

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